Relativity between Asia’s Shape And Characteristics

I’ve described that there were no relationship between Asia’s shape&color and their characteristics and that was out of our scope of our concept. However, I’ve been considering whether that was true.

Here are 2 topics that might be able to bring possibilities that Asia‘s shape and color relates to its characteristics;


In current implementation, when an Asia is considering whether it tries to eat substances or other Asia or tries to be mated to create offspring, the decision is by comparing its parameter that defines the characteristic with random number. For instance, when an Asia A tries to eat another Asia B, the Asia A’s preference for all substances stored by Asia B will be calculated. If the Asia B has stored substances that Asia prefers, Asia may be eaten.

In the near future, I’m going to implement an eyesight on Asias. With it, Asias will decide whether they dare to do something only by the sense of sight. So sometimes they might make mistake; Asia A, which prefers Asia B, may eat Asia C that looks like Asia B.
Here Asia’s shape and color will be important not just cosmetic looking.

Body size

Since there has been no physical law implemented on Minnerasia world, body size of Asia has no meaning except how whole scene looks. So if an Asia were very large, that doesn’t necessary mean it has a lot of chance to touch others; chance to eat, be mate with another, etc. As I’m going to keep this concept that there are no concept of space in Minnerasia, so their body size will be staying no meaning on how much chances they would have.

However, I’m going to consider on relationship between their body size and consumption of energy and capacity of substances. I think it should be true that a bigger Asia consumes more energy and has more capacity to store more substances. If there will be more number of big individuals, substances in the environment should more easily run dry. Each species body size will affect the population balance of the ecosystem.

I think I should pay extreme attention not to break the concepts of the Minnerasia with these implementation.

Need more time to consider and implement.

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