Result Of The Trial #002

Trial #002, which started with 490 Asias and 12,287 x 8 Subs, ran 100 cycles, and total number of Asia got 34,952.
Here I’d like to summarize this trial.

  • Started with 490 Asias
  • Started with 12,287×8 = 98,296 Subs
  • Ran 100 cycles

The reason why it started with 490 not 1000 is we added an algorithm to take out individuals that has no vitality when they generated at random.

Population Trend

population Result Of The Trial #002

Figure-1 shows population trend. As you can see, population increased pretty much in an exponential fashion at the beginning. It looks like population explosion. However, once it reached around 35,000, it has been repeating increasing and decreasing. We might find something very interesting watching this phenomenon, i.e. There might occur self-organization.
Need more observation.

Age Distribution

agedistribution Result Of The Trial #002Figure-2

Figure-2 shows age distribution at the cycle of 100. The oldest one was born at the 7th cycle, so the age is 93.
That individual can be said very strong one, while younger ones are also stronger enough naturally because they are offspring of stronger ancestors. Thus, at the cycle of 100, there are more younger ones.

Species Distribution

species Result Of The Trial #002Figure-3

Figure-3 shows species distribution. There are 437 species at the cycle of 100.
The fact that it started with 490 Asias with random default parameters means it started with 490 species. That means convergence of species seldom occurred.

The most major species has 5,582 individuals, which is almost 16% of all Asias.
The species with more than 100 individuals, let’s call them “majority”, are 51 species.
They account for 92% of all Asias. On the other hand, the species with less than 10 individuals are 317 species. That shows there are so many types of minorities.
Very very long tail.
The minorities includes 197 species that include only one individual. They can be considered as “mutant” that was created in mutation by chance.

We could get more interesting results in this trial #002 than #001, with repeating much more cycles. Especially, phenomenon of increasing and decreasing the population. We need keep watching this trial.


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