Selective Breeding Also Has A Story

Natural Selection and Artificial Selection

TheNature is evolving literally with natural selection — Jungle rule, weaker ones will be victim of stronger ones, selects and survivors will be more and more strong in the environment. The answer of who is stronger is in the relativeness in that environment. So it’s not pre-established. This is quite similar with nature in the real world.

On the other hand, as for artificial selection, the answer who is stronger depends on the breeder who selects. The breeder freely chooses which to select. This is also true on selective breeding in the real world. As for the selective breeding of domestic animals or crops, there may be ideal characteristics, like better taste, tough for disease or ideal shapes. There may be any targets that the breeder aspires.

That is, we can say that there may be another rule in the breeding farm, and those rules and jungle rule in nature are in the same dimension. You can say that choosing better shape individuals and repeating the selection over several generations has the same sense with natural selection. The breeder can accelarate evolution artificially in his breeding farm.

We shouldn’t release ones artificially selected into nature

With repetition of natural selection, there can be kept the biological diversity of nature in the real world. And these days, artificial movement of species, conscious/non-conscious transportation, jeopardizes this biological diversity. Those transportation includes import/export for the pet business or adherence on vehicles or human. Anyway, we shouldn’t release domestic animals or pets into nature, or the biological diversity would be corrupt.

And this is true on Minnerasia world as well. We shouldn’t release any Asias grown in Asiarium or Breeding Farm because they have grown in the different story with different rule. Or it would break the biological diversity in TheNature.

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