Sexual Allure Could Be An Important Stuff

Almost forgot something important

It may be too late but now I noticed something important. Currently, there is no criteria with Asias whether they would be mated with another individuals, i.e. an Asia doesn’t choose spouse with any criteria when it is about to create offspring, but just with its own parameter ‘biotic potential’.

If they had those criteria for decision with whom create offspring, there may be seen an interesting phenomenon. Asias may begin to evolve enhancing their characteristics to meet the criteria. But how?

How sexual allure is enhanced?

The characteristics that meets another individual’s criteria whether it wants to create offspring with can be called “sexual allure”. The higher sexual allure an Asia takes as its characteristics, the higher possibility it can be chosen as a spouse by others. So that kind of individuals have more chance to create offspring. Thus, those who have allure survive over others who don’t have and as a result, sexual allure will be enhanced.

Boys, be wild

This can be seen in the real life. Some kind of bird took very flashy color and figure to get spouse. Ladies (of human) are always absorbed to keep their beauty or to become more beautiful. Men (of human, especially teenagers) tend to show themselves rough and wild (but why? I’m not sure to be rough and wild is related to sexual allure?)

In order for Asias to dress up

It may be very difficult to decide the criteria for an Asia to choose a spouse. No, we shouldn’t implement the criteria directly. That doesn’t meet our concept ‘non pre-established’. It may be reasonable for us to implement that Asia can see more detailed spouse candidate’s characteristics and decide whether create offspring with it or not. But still wondering which characteristics? It is not reasonable that an individual can see all genetic code of others. Just imagine, you can’t check spouse candidate’s life duration directly with his/her gene information. They just can show you he/she is tough with their visible figure. We may not decide spouse only with life duration, anyway.

I think there can differ between how it is and how it looks. It’s quite reasonable. Even if strong men appeal, you don’t necessarily have to have an ability to lift up 250 pounds, just get chest muscles. In a similar fashion, Asias don’t necessarily have to show their characteristics with their figure. What’s difficult for me is, how an Asia can see another Asia’s color and figure… need more consideration…

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