Similarity Between Perception And Ecosystem

Thinking of pinball flipper and how they connect to human’s perceptual adaptation in last topic, I’m getting curious about similarity between human’s perception and ecosystem. The common points may be as follows;

  • Both adapt flexibly to environment or situation
  • Both evolve to improve the whole organization
  • Both have non pre-established stories
  • Both have possibility to create something new
  • Both adapt flexibly to environment or situation

Pinball flipper was a good example of how we will learn to use tools. Human beings have a special ability to learn to make tools quite like their hands even if they are very simple ones even in a limited situation. All you can do to operate pinball flippers is just push buttons. On other hand as for ecosystem, constitutors of ecosystem themselves try to adapt the environment and its changing. Even if the situation varies often, they adapt and survive.

Both evolve to improve the whole organization

The repetition of this adaptation will be led to evolution. Those constitutors have been repeating changing themselves and at the result they have been improved. In a point of macro view, the organization also have adapted to the environment and at the result it have been improved.

Both have non pre-established stories

The point is that these adaptation, evolution and improvement are not pre-established. The correct answer for the ecosystem and its constitutors are not always the same. It depends on the situation. Sometimes it may be in a hard situation with very cold weather or sometimes may be lack of foods. Anyway, the ecosystem and its constitutors adapt even to those hard situation. Cactus have evolved in order to live in dry field and tough weather. If they were living in rain forest, their characteristics and shapes that can live in dry field is not good answer. However, if the situation changed, they would also change their characteristics to adapt to the new environment.

Both have possibility to create something new

Human being’s adaptation may sometimes create something new. Some great inventions have created from comfortlessnesss. In ecosystem, you can see incredible innovations of animals or plants like mimicries to avoid from their natural enemies, beautiful vivid colors to get spouse or strategies for species to multiply.

Those adaptation, evolution, improvements and inventions base on miracle of emergence that both human perception and ecosystem have.

Asia is in your mind

Thus, human perception is essentially almost same with ecosystem in the sense of similarities described above. And what I call ‘Asia’ here in this site is a symbol of those kind of organizations; organic system.

Now, your perception allegorically can be called a kind of ecosystem. Yes, I have been express My Inner Asia (m(y) inner asia).

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