Smooth Surface (In Your Mind)

Where’s smooth surface? Perfect circle?

There are no smooth surface in this real world. As if you feel something must have smooth surface, you’ll find textured surfece soon after you try to look at it through a super microscope. Anyway, smooth surface exists only in your mind or, in other words, metaphysical world.

So is a perfect circle. Indeed, it might be something that cannot look nothing other than perfect circle, but now just measure it with super precise measuring instrument that can measure up to super microscope scale. Perfect circle also exists only in metaphysical world.

Now you notice that all mathematical concepts are metaphysical. There are no smooth surface in this real world.

Asias everywhere (or could they be also metaphysical?)

Asia, which we mean in this site, is not just the commonly-used word as one of the region in the world. It is something complex that you cannot reproduce artificially. It might be a life form, neural network or ecosystem. Or it might look something like them.

It might be a microorganism,gene information or virus. Yes, Asias exit everywhere in this real world.

They are extremely real that you cannot reproduce artificially. Or if you say it’s true that nothing is real, Asia is also metaphysical.

In this site Minnerasia, to reproduce Asia by programing is our challenge, no matter whether they are metaphysical or not.

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