Solved: Where Were Substances Leaking Out From?

Finally I found where Subs leak out from.

Major reason

At first, I found that Subs have been reducing when the ones in the environment dry up. This was the major reason why the population of Asia has been reducing after Subs dried up. And that was also easy for me to find.

After I found this major reason, I set up a checking code to put a tick against total number of each Subs at every events, e.g. eating Subs, eating others or crossing, etc…

Then I re-start TheNature cycles again and found that there were still total Subs number mismatch, though it was roughly 2 hours after re-start.

Two rare cases

It would be hard to reproduce and find the bug because it seemed to be rare case(s) that occurred 2 hour after re-start.

And finally I found the reasons.

The mismatch occurred by database corruption. I found the database have been corrupted in two rare (and spooky) case;

  1. Asias eating themselves
  2. Zombies

Asias eating themselves

By mistake, there were cases that an Asia occasionally chooses itself and eat, though, of course, this shouldn’t happen. And in that case, database corrputs.
This happened very occasionally with large number of Asias.


In the case that an Asia dies when it try to eat harmful Subs(s) for it, that got through the life-or-death check. And those “zombie” Asias continued their activity like eating Subs or others. That caused database corruption and mismatch of total substance number.

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