TheNature Has Been An Open System

I found that the number of total Subs in TheNature, i.e. total Subs all Asias have + Subs in the environment, has been unnaturally decreased. This is the reason why TheNature has been wiped out.

As I announced, I rolled back from the database to the last backuped point, cycle 186, and re-start it until the total Asia number would be less than 100. Thus the total number got 91 at cycle 264. Then I investigated whether those 91 Asias were super big eaters or not. I made a program to count Subs number of each Asia, and I found even the biggest eater owns only 30 Subs. This sounds very strange because each Subs were set 12,287, so total Subs number should be 12,287 x 8 = 98,296. Even if all Asias had 30 Subs each, the total Subs number would be only 2,730…

Actual numbers of each Subs are as follows;

subs 0: 4
subs 1: 0
subs 2: 106
subs 3: 158
subs 4: 94
subs 5: 2
subs 6: 12
subs 7: 72

… total number is only 448!

This is pretty much a bug of TheNature program; Subs have been leaking, that is, it hasn’t been a closed system.

I’m going to insert some checking code in TheNature program and re-start to investigate where the bug is.

After I found the bug and debug it, I’m going to re-start again as trial #003.

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