To Be 2D

Natural-born material in the real world

I have been considering Minnerasia as a kind of conceptual art. Though, as for the word “conceptual art”, I think it’s tautology since, in my opinion, art itself should always be conceptual.
Anyway, is it necessary to be beautiful in order to be art? I don’t think so. All art need is to be conceptual, or it would be just an eye candy.

In the planning stage of Minnerasia, I have been wondering which 2D or 3D Asia would be drawn. The first trial work was 3D. Although I believe these ones were good enough to express the concept of Minnerasia, I couldn’t feel right. It was a little differ from what I wanted to express. Computer graphics drawn in 3D make us feel as if it were in real life even if there are no such material in the real world. It is a fate of an art work with the concept of space that exists in the real world as a real material. So are 3D computer graphics.

Minnerasia doesn’t have to be an eye candy

In order for Minnerasia to be conceptual, it doesn’t have to make us feel it like as something in the real world. It also doesn’t have to be an eye candy. So I decided to re-make it in 2D from scratch.
No need to have shade and shadow.
No need to have perspective.
No need to have reflecting or texture.
All it needs is to be conceptual.

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