Trial #005 @ Cycle 1000

Finally trial #005 has run 1000 cycles. Here I summaries interim results.

Population trend

population Trial #005 @ Cycle 1000

Figure 1

Figure 1 shows the population trend at the cycle of 1000.
As described in the previous report for cycle 500, population was increasing. At cycle 1000, it got 21,901.

Species distribution

species Trial #005 @ Cycle 1000

Figure 2

There are 108 species including mutants. Population of the most major species is 9,039. This is 41.2% of all Asias in TheNature.

The species with more than 100 individuals, i.e. “majority”, are 5 species. They account for 96.4%.

On the other hand, the species with 10 or less individuals are 86 species. That Shows there are many types of minorities.
The minorities includes 45 species that include only one individual. They can be considered as “mutant” that was created in mutation by chance.

Comparing with cycle 500, it seems that majority have multiplied and species are converging, i.e. diversity is slightly getting down.

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