Trial #005 Has Started

Since I have completed the implementation of stomach capacity, trial #005 has started.

Up until this time, those trials started with some strange number less than 10,000, because Asias were given enough amount of Subs at the initiation, and the total Subs ended up before it counted 10,000. This time, the number of Subs to give to Asia was reduced a little, so it was possible to start with just 10,000 and some Subs leftover in the environment.

At the moment I’m writing this, it is running in cycle 22. In the first cycle, it decreased to 3,901 sharply. And then it has been increasing gradually. Now there are 22,872 Asias.

population1 Trial #005 Has StartedPopulation Trend of Trial #005 @Cycle 23

This can be considered that there were selection from the randomly initiated individuals, and then propagation of dominance started. This is quite natural.


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