Trial #006 Plan

Although I have been considering to rebuild Trial #005 of TheNature vacuuming the Subs in the environment, now I have changed my idea.

Here are some reasons;

  • Evolution has been weighted in some specific Asias
  • It wouldn’t be so interesting results.

 Evolution has been weighted in some specific Asias.

Since the population explosion occurred by increasing amount of Subs, it has come to take too much time for a cycle.
The program invokes Asias one by one in order of their age.
I sometimes stop it to check something or to debug. After I check or debug, the program restarted from the oldest Asia again. In the result, older Asias have aged more than younger ones, and they have got more chance to evolve. Current population of Trial #005 has imbalanced distribution.

It wouldn’t be so interesting results.

The reason why I increased the Subs was to see how it would be if I did it. However, there were already less diversity with those small amount of population at that time, so we cannot get so interesting results even if we continue this trial. This situation of low diversity continued even if the total population re-rises.

Trial #006

I decided to start a new trial, #006.
What I’ve learned from this trial was that Subs of 12,287×8 was too few and 131,071×8 was too much.
The ideal time for a cycle is one day, and I think the best population to make it one day is around 100,000.
However, the relationship between the amount of Subs and the maximum population is not linear.
From now, I’m going to tune the amount of Subs and find the hot spot.
The trial #006 is going to start with 32,767(0x7fff)x8 Subs. And if I find it looks not so bad, it will be released version.


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