Validation: How The Distribution Of Carnivorous Degree Looks Like?

As we have discussed before, there cannot be only meat-eaters in TheNature. If there were only meat-eaters survived, there would be no food for them and they should perish. Thus my hypothesis was that there would be made a good balance of meat-eaters and vegetarians.

carnivorous html m36e6e6a Validation: How The Distribution Of Carnivorous Degree Looks Like?Figure-1

Figure-1 shows the distribution of carnivorous degree at the cycle 102 of trial #002. Each Asia has carnivorous degree between 0.0 to 1.0, which 0.0 indicates hyper vegetarian that would not eat meat at all, and 1.0 indicates hyper meat-eater. There are 38 of “super meat-eaters” that exceeded the maximum value of carnivorous degree beyond 1.0 because of mutation.

This figure shows that there are not only meat-eaters survived even after 100 cycles. My hypothesis may be true at least according to this result. Still need to observe with more cycles though.

In this figure, there seem to be three peaks and we can group them into three;

  • Vegetarians: carnivorous degree of 0.0 – 0.3
  • Medium (or Omnivorous): carnivorous degree of 0.45-0.5
  • Meat-Eaters: carnivorous degree of more than 0.70

To me, it still look there are more vegetarians.Or with repeating more cycles, we might be able to see the ecological pyramid with much more vegetarians and much less meat-eaters.

Still need to observe anyway.

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