Virtual Unreality = Real Reality

Virtual Reality … Huh?

Here is the word I have been disfavouring for a long time; “Virtual Reality”. They say reality can be re-created by computer technology. Ha!
Now I’m concerning that my works might be equated with that stupid idea.

Reality can never be re-created by computer. I deeply know that. That is never the same with what I have been intending to do.

Extremely boring technology

Why you cannot be excited with 3D movies?
Because creators of those works fatally have lack of speculation on “reality”. Worthful movies need not always to be awesome with its physical appearance. Even if it were so fine to make you feel as if it exists just in front of you, so what?
Researchers on VR/AR as well. They have never consider on reality philosophically.
Both of them intend to follow reality in the visible manner.
However, the more they try to re-create reality, the more they come to know that there are so many stuff that cannot be comprehended. My works have been pretty much for bringing that into sharp relief.
(In this meaning, I might have been trying to achieve simulated reality in the real sense of the term???)

Artificial Life doesn’t have to be reality

Artificial Life is also based on the contrary concept of the VR/AR. It is not from that simple & stupid idea that you can re-create life by computer. The magnetism of Artificial Life is that it is extremely abstract that shows hypostasis of life getting rid of stuffs to be reality. It doesn’t have to be reality.

Virtual Unreality

I don’t want my works to be equated with that Virtual Reality.
The vector what I have been doing with my works is quite the contrary — so to say, “Virtual Unreality”.
I have been trying to express somethings abstract. Each Subs doesn’t have to have its name, TheNature wasn’t drawn in 3D, there is not the concept of gravity in TheNature…It also doesn’t have to be reality in that meaning.
Or this may be pretty much Real Reality?

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