You Are Pretty Much An Offspring Of Winners

You are not recessive

Sometimes you might suffer from feeling of inferiority. “I cannot do as well as him. I’m just a natural born bum…”
No, no, no and No! From biologically or genetically point of view, you are never recessive naturally. On the contrary, you must be dominance! Have confidence in yourself.

The longer an individual can survive, the more chance it can get to create offspring. Thus the species will flourish.
Your parents were both dominance that they survived at least to the age that they could create their children while most of animals die before they bare their children. Imagine, who of your ancestors, backing hundreds of generations, has died before he/she got adult? No one. They all have been winners in nature before they were not human beings yet.
So Have confidence in yourself.

So are 33,000+ Asias

Now there are 33,000+ of Asias in the current trial of TheNature. Although it is still around 60 cycles yet, some original individuals still alive and the others are all offspring of winners. Their ancestors also survived to adult age. They have been repeating evolution and improved themselves. Their characteristics are the result of that evolution and improvement. So they can be said ‘dominance’.


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