Big Mistakes Again

Today I found again two big bugs on TheNature algorithm.
They have been making the population composition corrupted.

  1. Asias in TheNature never did conspecific reproduce.
  2. Asias in TheNature egest even in the case they are starving.

Because of these bugs, population of Asia didn’t increase.

Asias never did conspecific reproduce

There were logical bug in my code that chooses spouse for conspecific reproduce. With the bug code, every time spouse has never been found, so the conspecific cross wasn’t realized.

Asias egest even in the case they are starving

When I noticed that I had to employ the concept of appetite for the decision whether an Asia eat Subs or other Asia, I should have considered of egestion as well. Since I employed the concept of appetite on eating decision, Asias have stopped eating too much.  However, they seem to keep egesting even when they are starving, and die.

I have debugged these bugs. TheNature need to re-start from the beginning again. This time, I kept the backup of protobionts, so I roll back it.

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