Exception Has Been Disarranging

Last time I revised the algorithm for eating Subs and other Asias, I intended to make it fair between vegetarians and meateaters. When an Asia decides to eat others, both carnivorous degree is compared, and cast both two Asias “predator” and “prey”. This algorithm was correct.
And another revision was to employ a concept of appetite. The more an Asia starves, the more greedy it try to eat Subs or other Aisas. This algorithm itself also is correct. However, I put an exception on the concept of carnivorous degree.

I imagined what a meateater do if there are no eat — I thought it might eat plants. Vice versa, a vegetarian might eat meat if it starves. So I programmed to consider starvation when an Asia eat Subs/other Asias so that meateaters eat Subs and vegetarian eat other Asias in the case they are starving.

And I found this has been disarranging the balance of meateaters-vegetarians population. Meateaters can eat other Asias and Subs while vegetarians cannot eat other Asias even they are starving because when an Asia try to eat others, predator and prey will be casted comparing their carnivorous degree. So vegetarians will be prey in many case. Thus, vegetarians die down.

I will remove the algorithm to allow exception. And re-start TheNature from the beginning.

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