Let’s Not Stick To Population Of 100,000

Population of TheNature has been hovering around 46,000 level, not 100,000 since it was re-started.This is not what I have intended. The reason can be assumed that total amount of stomach capacity of Asia depends on the population characteristics. That is, at the last time of Origin (f.k.a. “Origin #001”) consisted of species with lower stomach capacities by chance while this time it consists of species with higher stomach capacities than #001 by chance.
Stomach capacities of each individual are defined at the generating of all protobiotics with pseudorandom function, so it can be occur that the total amount of stomach capacity defers.

In order to make it increase up to 100,000, I could adjust amount of Subs throughout the process, but this time, I decided to leave it natural. Or if I adjust now, the evolution might turn into not natural, i.e. the evolution may differ between up here and from here. That cannot be said “TheNature”.

So let’s not stick to population of 100,000 this time.

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