PublicFarm: Where You Take Your Asias From

Breeding Your Asias

As you can see, this site is still under construction. One of my goal of this site is that you will be able to “breed” Asias in your own Asiarium, which you put in your favorite Asias.
Those Asias in your Asiarium will be evolving as well as they used to be in TheNature, and you can try breed improvement or breeding mutants.
Asiarium will be released in the near future. Look forward to it. That must be very fun!
And it’s free both to have an Asiarium and Asias in it.

PublicFarm Is Where You Take Your Asias

Where are you taking those “favorite” Asias from? TheNature? No. If everyone is possible to do hunting in TheNature, it might happen that the environment will be unbalanced because of overhunting.
Today, PublicFarm has been released. They are literally places to farm some kind of species taken in TheNature. They are kept away from TheNature, in other words, once an Asia is harvested from TheNature, the Asia and its offspring will never release back into TheNature. This is to avoid gene pollution and to keep ecological balance in TheNature.
Since very few Asias were harvested in TheNature and they will be multiplied in PublicFarms, effect to the balance of TheNature is quite few.

Request For New Farms

Before Asiarium will be released, I will do breed improvement for some beautiful species of Asia in PublicFarms so that you can choose your favorite Asias from them.
Come and see their growth process and feel free to request for new farms with your favorite species. You can browse at FieldGuide.

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