PublicFarm: Where You Take Your Asias From

Today, PublicFarm has been released. PublicFarm is where you will be able to take your favorite Asias from to your Asiariums. Continue reading

Exception Has Been Disarranging

Algorithm with exception caused TheNature unbalance of meateaters/vegetarians population. Once again need to revise the algorithm and re-start TheNature. Continue reading

I Don’t Apply The Word “Art” to Something Not Conceptual

Some art works seen today seems to be seeking just artfulness or ostentation of technology. The word “Art” should be in the context of something conceptual. Continue reading

Big Mistakes Again

Today I found another big mistakes that have been making population composition of TheNature corrupted. Continue reading

Let’s Not Stick To Population Of 100,000

Although the population of TheNature has been hovering around 46,000 not 100,000 that I expected, I decided leave it natural this time. Here’s the reason. Continue reading

The Origin Has Re-Started

Now The Origin has restarted with some debugging and improved amount of total Subs number. A history has started. Continue reading

Note: These Are Not American Jokes

Here are some example stories of Asias trying to eat another Asias. Actually there happen the same kind of stories in TheNature. Continue reading

Population of TheNature Has Got To 100,000

Finally, Found a Sweet Spot As I described, I had added Subs into TheNature to condition the population to the target number, 100,000 and at last it has got to 100,000 with 110,591(0x1afff) of each Subs. This Subs number seems … Continue reading

Asia Is Mickey Mouse in Tokyo Disney Land

Skeuomorphism is ugly and stupid.And there is another dimension that lets us define another contrary concept of skeuomorphism; fictional reality. Continue reading

Big Mistakes on Eating Subs and Others

I found some mistakes on algorithm for eating Subs and other Asias. Need to correct them and re-start TheNature from beginning as Origin #002. Continue reading

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