Nothing To Symbolize, Nothing To Metaphorize

I don’t like skeuomorphic design. Nor I never intend Minnerasia to be a simulation game with skeuomorphic concept. Because they are stupid and boring. Continue reading

Could This Be Art?

I consider Minnerasia as a conceptual art no matter what the correct definition of that word should be. Though it has aspects as a lab or a simulation game. Continue reading

Population Conditioning by Adding Subs

In order to lead population of TheNature around 100,000, I decided to add Subs into TheNature. Continue reading

Guide of FieldGuide #4: Adaptability, Preference and Capacity

The combination of values Adaptability, Preference and Capacity draws some interesting characters on Asias. Here shows how to see them. Continue reading

Origin #001 Has Started

Origin #001 has started. I don’t call ‘trial’ no more but ‘Origin’ this time.
This Origin is going to be continued in the absence of any issues. Continue reading

Guide of FieldGuide #3: Child Num and Reproduction Ability

Child nums indicate how many children will the Asia create and the values of Reproduction Ability indicate the possibility of each reproduction. Continue reading

Guide of FieldGuide #2: Degree of Meateating

Degree of meateating indicates literally how high carnivorous the Asia is.
Here’s a guidance to see the meateating degree on FieldGuide. Continue reading

Guide for FieldGuide #1: Age, Life Duration and Adult Age

On an individual page or species page, you’ll see “Age”, “Life Duration” and “Adult Age” of the individual Asia or Species.
Here’s a guidance to see those data. Continue reading

FieldGuide of TheNature Has Been Released

Today, FieldGuide of TheNature has been released. Now you can browse and see all Asias and/or Species in TheNature.
Here is a quick guide to get started. Continue reading

Trial #007 Has Started

Today the trial #007 started.
This time I try to start with 59,391(0xe7ff) Subs of each. I’m not sure if this is enough though. Continue reading

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