4 Is Enough For Type Of Subs (rather than 8)

From the beginning, I defined that Subs has 8 types, and now I’ve come to think that 4 is enough, and will change. Here are the reasons. Continue reading

Trial #006 Has Started

The trial #006 has started with 50,000 Asias and 32,767(0x7fff)x8 substances.
This trial will be the released version if I find this condition is hot spot. Continue reading

Trial #006 Plan

The subject of Trial #006 is to find the best condition for the released version. There will be enough but not too much Asias of variety species. Here is the plan for the Trial #006. Continue reading

How To ‘Vacuum’ Substances In TheNature

I am considering to reduce substances in TheNature since there have been too much population, but how? Continue reading

Raising The Amount Of Subs In The Environment

Since I was so interested in how it would be if I increase Asia in TheNature, and here is the result. Continue reading

Now TheNature Is Browseable On Safari

Now you can browse TheNature on your iPhone/iPad, too! Just try it! Continue reading

Trial #005 @ Cycle 1000

Trial #005 has reached cycle 1,000. Here the summary of population data. Continue reading

Trial #005 @ Cycle 500

Trial #005 has reached cycle 500. This is the furthest cycle and we got some interesting result. Continue reading

Trial #005 Has Started

Since I have completed the implementation of stomach capacity, trial #005 has started.Now there are 22,872 Asias. Continue reading

Employing A Concept Of Stomach Capacity

I have developed a concept of stomach capacity on Asia in order to avoid super big eaters eating up. There were more stuffs to be considered than I expected. Continue reading

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