Trial #005 Plan

Now I’m implementing stomach capacity on Asias, and after I complete that, new trial #005 will start again. Continue reading

And Then There Were None (But Super Big Eaters)

Population has been decreasing and at last there are only 2 Asias. Those 2 Asias are super big eaters and eat all others. Continue reading

Population Is Decreasing Again

Population of trial #004 is decreasing. I confirmed that substances aren’t leaking out, so I totally have no idea. Need more watching. Continue reading

Asia As A Metaphor

‘Asia’ is a powerful word to me, and it’s the best word to express something I’ve been feeling the most interesting. Listing common points of them and Asia. Continue reading

Trial #004 Has Started

Trial #004 has started. This time, it will be long term trial to verify some validations. Continue reading

Biological Diversity Could Be Restored (Result Of Trial #003)

Trial #003 was an experiment to investigate whether TheNature can restore a rich diversity if it become filled with enough substances. And now we got a result. Continue reading

Trial #003 Has Started

Here an interesting experiment started as trial #003. Will TheNature be restored rich biological diversity by itself? Continue reading

Solved: Where Were Substances Leaking Out From?

Finally I found the reason why Asia continued reducing and died off. There were major reason that was easy to find and minor reason in very rare case. Continue reading

Experiment: After Narrowed Down The Species

In order to simplify debugging, I reduced number of Asias. And now I’m curious how it will be if I add very enough substances in TheNature with very few Asias. Continue reading

TheNature Has Been An Open System

I found that the number of total substances in TheNature has been unnaturally decreased. This is pretty much a bug of TheNature program. Continue reading

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