And Then There Were None

Finally, population of the trial #002 in TheNature has been exhausted at cycle 362. I’m going to investigate what has happened. Continue reading

Population Continuing To Decrease

Population has been decreasing to one-seventh of the maximum. Plotting it shows a shocking figure. Continue reading

Population Trend @ Cycle 130

As I described before, the population was repeating increasing and decreasing after it surpassed 35,000. Why this phenomenon has occurred? Continue reading

Validation: How The Distribution Of Carnivorous Degree Looks Like?

Drawing distribution of carnivorous degree from the result of trial #002, we found somethings interesting. Are there only meat eaters after 100 cycles evolution? Continue reading

Result Of The Trial #002

Trial #002 has repeated 100 cycles. We could get some interesting results in this trial. Continue reading

1/f Fluctuation — The Middle Of Boredom And Chaos

It is said that 1/f fluctuation are seen widely in nature. Heart beat, sound of brook, candle flame flickering, etc… Continue reading

Smooth Surface (In Your Mind)

There are no smooth surface in this real world.
There are only Asias in the context that has been described here in this site. Continue reading

Relativity between Asia’s Shape And Characteristics

I’ve described that there were no relationship between Asia’s shape&color and their characteristics. However, I’ve been considering whether that was true. Continue reading

Non Pre-Established Harmony

One of the most distinguished difference between Minnerasia and other computer games is that Minnerasia is non pre-established oriented. Continue reading

Features In The Future 20120729

Although TheNature is still undergoing a process of trial and error now, here I write a brief note of feature of the future that I’m considering. Continue reading

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